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Cut radius decking is an economical alternative to heat-bending techniques for and bending the deck boards, a labor-intensive process that usually requires


We are using 5/4 x 6 boards for our deck. You should buy about 10 percent more decking than you estimate is necessary to allow for crooked boards and cutting

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Damaged or rotten decking boards are ugly, and they could be dangerous too. Luckily, they're incredibly easy to fix. This guide shows you how to repair them,

Deck Repair- Cutting out a decking board and/or Trimming the seam

Sep 22, 2016 If your decking is too close together on the seam, then rainwater may not drain properly between the seams. If too tight a seam, then debris will

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How to cut your anti slip timber decking boards. Step 1: Begin by marking the board at the desired length, use a set square to mark across the inserts. Step 2:.

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Apr 25, 2017 SUBSCRIBE please Six tips for clean and accurate cuts Fine-looking decks begin with basic details. And there is

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HOW TO CUT YOUR NON SLIP. TIMBER DECKING BOARDS. OPTION 1. STEP 1: Begin by marking the board at the desired length, use a set square to mark

Which Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Composite Decking

Jun 28, 2016 When considering any composite decking project it is highly likely that useful for cutting material like our composite boards, natural wood or

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Repairing Decking or Joists - Cut replacement deck board. Attach the reinforcing joist to the ledger and

How to Install Decking Boards for a Curve

If you need to install decking made of composite material or wood for a curve, you should Cut the boards along the line using a jigsaw to form the curved deck.

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How to cut decking. A chop saw like this will make light work of any joists, posts or deck boards. These machines can be hired from most hire shops and will

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Mar 14, 2017 Six tips for clean and accurate cuts. begin with basic details. And there is nothing more basic than cutting deck boards cleanly and accurately.

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Make sure the screws you use to fasten the strip are above the decking thickness Choose two straight boards and cut one end of each at a 45-degree angle.

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Apr 27, 2008 Cutting out existing wood deck boards is essential for making deck repairs. Find out how to cut out old deck boards using a saw-zaw in this free video. Watch This Video Before Installing Decking Planks – Deck Construction

How to Cut a Board to Length w/ Angles - A Beginner Tutorial

Jan 13, 2016 New to woodworking? This video is for you. A quick explanation of how I reliably cut a board to exact length with any degree angle needed.