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Quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the preeminent hardwoods of eastern and central North 1 Description; 2 Distribution; 3 Uses. 3.1 Cultivation; 3.2 .. Niche Timbers White Oak Archived October 13, 2008, at the Wayback Machine.

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American white oak is one of the most popular species from the U.S. some high in the mountains and others on low land giving rise to different characteristics. .. White oak from the USA is readily available as sawn lumber and veneer, in a

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Main Uses for White Oak Lumber. Furniture; Doors; Architectural millwork and moulding; Kitchen cabinets; Paneling; Flooring; Window Frames

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Oct 9, 2018 The white oak tree, Quercus alba, is a hardwood tree that grows throughout the Eastern U.S. It is a slow-growing, long-lived species that produces high-quality timber. Identifying Characteristics of Quercus alba. white oak

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It's uses include industrial and decorative applications. Besides the excellent commercial value, white oak is a preferred species for many species of wildlife.

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Proud American builders knew better, and built ships of native timber. Today, even though somewhat revived for furniture and cabinets, white oak represents less than one fifth of all oak-red and white-harvested in the Uses in woodworking.

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Leaf Characteristics. broad, flat; simple; pinnately lobed; smooth, without bristle tips; main vein ends in lobe; end lobe small; end lobes similar to others.

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White oak is also used to make railroad ties, fence posts, mine timbers, ships, and caskets and whiskey barrels. PROPERTIES OF White Oak. When properly

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White oak is truly the all American wood. Dense, constitutes three quarters of all the white oak lumber produced. These properties can vary somewhat by.

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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES White oak is a hard and heavy wood with a medium-bending and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but very good in steam-bending.

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General Wood Characteristics: The sapwood of oak is white to very light brown, while truck and trailer beds, mining timbers, kegs and casks (white oak group),

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White Oak Wood Specie Physical and Working Properties.

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The sapwood of oak is white to very light brown, while the heartwood is light to dark Uses Lumber, railroad crossties, timber bridges, tannin dyes, fuel wood,

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Mar 9, 2018 White oak, also known by its scientific name Quercus alba, is a strong and rot Popular uses include in furniture and flooring due to the wood's strength and durability. --G&S Specialist Timber 16:07, 23 Jan 2017 (BST)

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American white oak is the trade name for a variety of hardwood species from the Quercus genus. flooring, architectural joinery, exterior joinery, railways sleepers and timber bridges due to its It also has very good steam bending properties.


The European White Oak products from reSAWN TIMBER co. features wide plank that compliment the elegance of the natural oak characteristics and highlight

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Common Uses: Cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, boatbuilding, barrels, Comments: White Oak is the state tree of Connecticut, Illinois, and Maryland.

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Baillie Lumber is a manufacturer of white oak hardwood lumber. We also provide rift and quarter sawn white oak lumber. Relative Working Properties:

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Timbeck Architectural, manufactures American Oak timber screening, American White Oak. Specie Properties - read in conjunction with the General Notes

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WORKING QUALITIES, White Oak machines well, nails and screws well although Adhesive properties are variable with good staining and polishing. Due to