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Developed through our Continuumâ„¢ Solutions, Excelon VCT harmonizes with other products across the entire Armstrong Flooring portfolio to help you execute

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Installing Essential Flooring. New essentiel vinyl composite flooring is sturdier, stronger and more waterproof than ever. It's now available in fifteen different

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Walk into virtually any commercial facility today and odds are pretty good the floor under your feet is vinyl composition tile (VCT). VCT has proven to be a highly

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There may be certain exceptions and special conditions for these substrates to be suitable for the Vinyl Composition Tile Installation System. Full Spread:.

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One of the more unique and retro looks for a garage is installing a vinyl composite tiled garage floor. This popular DIY installation is the same commercial grade

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Aug 15, 2013 We're mixing colors for the VCT workshop floor at the Stone Cottage, and here's how it all comes together

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Vinyl composite tile is a common choice of floor tile because of its specific benefits, from low cost to high durability. This type of tile's durability provides for being


Oct 12, 2017 Once relegated to such applications as hospital hallways and school corridors, VCT or vinyl composition flooring has made the jump from

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Get commercial-grade flooring that helps resist cracking, splitting, or peeling due to high volume traffic. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) combines an expansive color

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Vinyl composition tile, or VCT, flooring provides a durable surface for your home. Althought VCT is commonly found in commercial offices and stores because of