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The cottage, built in 2005, is located on a slope and its windows and large terrace The second floor of Viikarinkeidas has a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a toilet. Fridge-freezer; Gas grill; Indoor toilet; Rowing boat; Washing machine; Wi-Fi Distance from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is approximately 240km.


Tietoa evästeistä. Eväste on pieni tekstitiedosto, joka tallennetaan käyttäjän tietokoneelle, kun hän vierailee sivustossa. Evästeiden avulla pystymme

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The combination of stone floor and glass and steel windows in this Atlanta the indoors to the outside much more vividly than casement windows,” she says.

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Windows, doors, and floors: they're everywhere you look, but sometimes they don't get the love they deserve. We've got window ideas that can brighten up your

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indoors on windows, walls, doors and floors; outdoors on sidewalks, driveways, brick and concrete walls; permanent and removable wall adhesives; fabrics,

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afternoon sun, and the sauna itself has a large window giving to the west for admiring the sunset. The beach has a firm, gently sloping floor of natural sand. Electric grill; Fridge-freezer; Barbecue shack; Indoor toilet; Rowing boat; Sauna by the lake Distance from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is approximately 240km.

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Jun 15, 2018 These airy abodes utilize immense windows to usher the outdoors in. When opened, the walls seamlessly connect the outdoor and indoor