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This style of flipper optic board was used on WPC games Indy Jones to . Unfortunately if the opto board has a problem, these tests may not work. When things don't work: Power-On LEDs and Sound Beeps CPU Board LED Flashes.

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This problem will cause the flipper coil to get very hot in a short time. .. Sound Board Error Beeps pre WPC-DCS (WPC alpha-numeric, WPC dot-matrix and

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Nov 22, 2018 During the next boot, the PinSound board will automatically install your new sound package. Note: the flash drive is required during a regular

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Due to the unavailability of the ASIC, the WPC-95 audio boards have soared in . This indicated a communication problem with the embedded FPGA RAM.

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Jun 18, 2011 Diagnosing DSC Soundboard Interface Error on WPC pinball machine Re-seating the ribbon cable will usually solve this issue temporarily

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The WPC DCS Sound Board. With Indiana from the WPC CPU. If there is no bong, the board has a problem.

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The existing WPC sound board in the backbox is not used, as sounds are generated via the computer running MPF. There are articles online showing how you

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Feb 1, 2010 I got this Gilligan's Island machine on trade, everything works except the sound. The board was acting totally dead. No bongs on boot no static

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WPC Sound board, A-12738 for Williams Bally games made between 1990 and 1994.

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WPC sound board noise reducing. The great WPC system has an The larger cap works always, and does not cause any problems. Here are the parts needed.

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WPC Display Control Board (DMD) Critical Upgrade Fixes the most common Electrical Problems associated with this board. . Sound Board Switch. SPDT.

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Bally Williams Pinball WPC Audio Sound Board Capacitor Rebuild Kit A-12738 Simplified design for easier troubleshooting (even I can read the schematic).

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Need help. I have an issue with my sound board on my MM. The connector to the cabinet speaker (J504) pin #1 and #2 are both showing 14v.

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Bally Williams dead WPC MPU board fix - Dr. Who - Part 1/5 "progress bar" on the DMD along with a "ticking" sound which results from a series of reset signals

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I'm having problems with a WPC funhouse soundboard ie loud noise/whistle when first starting up, so I'm changing the two TL084 Quad


Tried several good CPU boards, and game chips. Sound board checked out okay. Still same persistent problem(s). Any help appreciated.

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Once you have confirmed the problem is with the Dot Matrix board (either logic or high voltage) WPC DCS On your DCS sound board remove C37 and C45.

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May 25, 2016 These little sound boards in WPC era Bally/Williams games can be difficult to track down issues on and there are no inexpensive reproduction

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or on PinSide, I'm user ChrisHibler, with the problem description. Once I've completed repair of the board, I'll create a detailed invoice that includes insured return Squawk and Talk Sound Board, $88 WPC DCS Sound Board, $88.

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Jul 24, 2015 Home → Pinball Problems → WPC L.E.D's Explained This indicates that the 5VDC power is on the CPU board. POWER DRIVER LED's