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Steel Roof and Decking Fastening Systems Mechanical Attachment

Pneutek is the established leader in the mechanical attachment of steel roof and decking. Specialty Steel Roof and Decking Fastening Systems and Tools!

Large-area formwork Top 50 - Doka

decking in a concentrated manner via the spin- dles! . The Angular waling is a welded steel waling used for .. Fastening the deck-boards: with 5 square bolts.

Formwork - Doka

Dokaflex is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired deck layout. ergonomically shaped fastening clamps – these are just some of the features of

Pneumatic Specialty Fastening Systems For Steel Decking, Roof

Pneutek Inc. is the established leader of Pneumatic Specialty Fastening Systems and Tools for Steel Decking, Roof, Modular Construction, Gyms & more!

Framed formwork Framax Xlife - Doka

The high-performing steel-framed formwork for crane-assisted forming of large areas. Framax Xlife is the framed formwork system that uses only a very few

Shaft platform - Doka

It is permissible to cut tie rods to length with metal .. decking), the transverse squared timbers ➤Lay deck-boards across the cross-beams and screw.

Fastening Deck to Steel Joist and Beams - Hilti USA

Hilti's innovative mechanical fastening system for attaching steel deck to bar joist or structural steel beams provides a reliable and productive solution.

Load-bearing tower Staxo 100 - Doka

With its rugged steel frames, Staxo 100 is designed for large shoring-heights and high loads. It unites high load capacity and safety, in every situation.

Decking Design Center - Hilti USA

Hilti mechanical fasteners for metal decking offer significant advantages—including rain-or-shine installation, simple visual inspection and a reliable connection


It is very important to check all screw-type connec- . Steel: Rd = Rk. Timber: Rd = kmod ·. Rk. Fd = γF · Fk. γM. γM. (F force). Fk .. floor decking with grate.