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Amazon.com: Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit, Grey, 16' x 2" x 4" w/End Caps

Buy Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit, Grey, 16' x 2" x 4" w/End Caps 23050: Automotive Made with proprietary High-Impact Glide Guard technology plastic. If your bunks will be bare 2x4's I would read other reviews to ensure they are not too sloppy

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[Archive] 2x4's Vs. 2x6's Trailers and Tow Vehicles. Should I stick with 2x4's or go to the 2x6's? Why would you varnish the bunk boards? I was wondering how the new plastic boards would do, they have them in those

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Mar 30, 2014 Had a shop do my trailer bunks a few years back, they used non-treated 2+4 and deck carpet. The gel coat under the bunks is blistered from

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Replacement bunk boards with carpeting already installed are available in On bunk slides and Bunk Slick pads made of a similar super-slick PVC material.

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Apr 14, 2017 I want to use the plastic slide pads because my pontoon is difficult to load The Boards are long 2x4 on edge. . My current bunks are 2x4's.

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Trailer Parts Superstore sells carpeted boat trailer bunk boards & roller bunk assemblies at LOADRITE RH Plastic Bunk Cover for 2 x 4 Lumber (Black), #1008.49R TIEDOWN Self Centering Bunk Glide On's for 2x4 Lumber (White) #86162.

Gatorbak - Boat Trailer and Watercraft Lift Synthetic Bunk Covers

watercraft lift synthetic bunk covers. Replace your bunk carpet with Gatorbak today! 2x4 Bunks. Gatorbak bunk covers that fit on a standard boat trailer 2x4

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[Archive] Trailer Bunk Questions General Discussion. Get a treated 2x4 or 2x6, buy carpet at Lowes for about $15, be sure to use stainless staples. I replaced mine boards with Redwood (its a type of outdoor decking). Treated wood would I'm going with the new plastic bunks on mine, no carpet.

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Buy the Boat Trailer Bunk Padding and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops.

Bunk Bracket Lag Screws to Re Mount Bunk Boards on your Boat

Bunk Bracket Lag Screws in Galvanized or Stainless Steel are used to mount your Bunk Boards to you Vertical or Swivel Bunk Brackets, they are sold in pairs

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2x4x9' is what is on for the bunk boards currently. Stopped by local lumberyard today, was going to price composite boards, 4x4 plastic sleeves, etc. I just replaced my bunks this year, and use regular 2x4's, painted 'em

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The bunks are very adjustable including vertically with spacers if I would make it 10 ft. long since that's the standard length of pvc and a common size for 2x4's. . Davis Spar Fly; Kayakbob's Sprayskirts; Spine Board Hakas

The Ultimate Bunk Board Replacement Solution

Our bunk boards are made from High-Density Polyethelene Plastic with a UV Size & Color Options Available in 2x4 (1.5”x 3.5”) & 2x6 (1.5” x 5.5”) sizes, from 3