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TABLE R602.10.1(1)a,b,c (Supp) WALL BRACING a. Wall bracing

Methods of bracing shall be as described in Sections R602.10.2 and R602.10.4.1. The alternate braced wall panels described in Section R602.10.3.2 shall also

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panels plus 1-2-8" alternate braced panel). For the first floor of a 2-story condition, the required total length per each 25' of braced wall line must be 214" or

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Aug 16, 2018 Method ABW (Alternate Braced Wall Panel with Hold-down Brackets). The ABW method was one of the original “narrow panel” bracing

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The Strong-Wall Bracing Selector (SWBS) provides pre-engineered Strong-Wall alternatives to code-prescribed braced wall panels. Strong-Wall model numbers

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Design Guide Offers Alternative apply the Hardy Frame Alternative Braced Wall Solution. equivalent braced wall panel lengths, and the Guide's details.

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per panel – 1800# ea. min. installed as per manufacture. 1/4. 1/4. Concrete foundation continuous across the entire length of the braced wall line. Foundation

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Table 2: Minimum Braced Wall Panel Lengths for Continuous Wood .. У: Each 32” alternate braced wall panel may be substituted for a 48” braced wall panel of

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The building codes (IBC and IRC) use the terms braced wall panel and braced . (c) Alternate braced wall segments (IRC R602.10.6) are permitted in one story

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Mar 6, 2013 Alternative bracing materials and methods shall comply with Section The 24” braced wall panel length is intended to be located adjacent to

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Show the location, type and length of each braced wall panel on the plans. • Braced wall or stucco unless an alternate panel is installed. Note: Height to width

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PCP. Portland cement plaster. HPS. Hardboard panel siding. ABW. Alternate braced wall. PFH. Intermittent portal frame. PFG. Intermittent portal frame at garage.

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Method ABW braced wall panels shall be constructed in accordance with Figure R602.10.6.1. The hold-down force shall be in accordance with Table


ALTERNATE BRACED WALL PANEL. (ABP 1800# AND 3000#) IRC R602.10.3.2. 1800# ABP. Minimum 2'8” panel width. Max.imum10'0” height. 3/8” APA rated

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Wall bracing is used to protect life by minimizing structural damage to a building in freak Method ABW: Alternate Braced wall panels shall be constructed in



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Alternative wall bracing solutions have been provided in door opening of 18” minimum. OK o The percent of braced wall panels provided shall be checked for.

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Special Connection Requirements for Braced Wall Panels . .. У: Each 32” alternate braced wall panel may be substituted for a 48” braced wall panel of another

APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method

APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method offers a simpler solution for wall bracing. but can be used as alternatives to the prescribed systems for code compliance. . Wall Bracing Method calls for continuously sheathed wood structural panel

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The location, width, and construction details of these braced wall panels, has developed and tested alternatives that have now gained code acceptance.

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The required total length of bracing, as well as panel spacing, wall height limits, The alternate braced-wall-panel requires a continuous foundation across the

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Wall bracing shall consist of the materials and methods listed in Table 321.25–G or approved alternatives capable of providing the required wind load resistance